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I very often see ads on social networks: we will create a website on Tilda. Or vice versa, people write themselves that they want to order a site on Tilda.

It's funny that the Tilda service itself was originally invented so that a person who needs a website could create it for himself without resorting to the help of web studios. But over time, people realized that it was possible to sell sites made on this service. The owners of the service understood this and the creation of sites on tilde by webmasters became one of the priority areas. It's also funny that there are so many proposals for the development of sites on Tilda, and other constructors, that customers began to think that all sites are made on some kind of platforms or engines (which is a little different). Some are even confused by the fact that the site will not be developed on any "platform" they know. It even seemed to me that, as a developer, I was losing customer loyalty when he asked what platform the site would be built on. And I answered that there would be no platform, only clean code. I got the impression that the client thinks that I am trying to cheat him.

Why do people go after their site to be built on Tilda or another platform?

The first reason is the cost of the site. Even a schoolboy can make websites on tilde. And I've seen ads like this on facebook. The Internet is full of proposals for the development of sites on Tilda. Many artisans - sole proprietors do not want to invest in a website and are looking for more budget options. But do not forget that Tilda is a service that offers a website for a monthly fee on its hosting. And this price is much higher than the cost of regular hosting. The price of one site on Tilda starts from ten dollars per month. The price of one site on a regular hosting starts from two dollars per month. Considering that most sites are created once, and then they are simply stored on the hosting, this difference is quite high. In addition, Tilda offers one gigabyte of space for this price, and if you regularly add information and upload, for example, photos, then this place will quickly end, and you will have to pay extra for additional space. While the basic hosting plan, Timeweb.com offers ten gigabytes of space.

The second reason, in my subjective opinion, is the desire to control the content on your site. It is worth recalling here that if the site was created on Tilda, then this will not be exactly your site. You cannot download it somewhere or transfer it to another resource. He will always be on Tilda, and will always have to be paid for. But back to being able to control content. And yes indeed, anyone can figure out how to edit content on Tilda. Edit - yes, but if the one who developed such a site took care of a good appearance, then you need to be extremely careful with new content. It may turn out that the new content will not look harmonious with the rest of the site content. We do not create sites on Tilda or another website builder, but we always leave the opportunity to edit some content (as a rule, it is agreed in advance) to our customers through the administrative panel. Therefore, keep in mind this point, if you order a site from us, you will be able to control your content.

When developing a website for our clients, we always create a convenient administrative panel for them. This panel is not overloaded with unnecessary sections, but has only those sections that the customer wishes. As a rule, all possible sections are present in the administrative panel of any website builder, and it will not be easy for a person who is not prepared to understand them. Whereas the administrative panel of our sites is very concise and intuitive. And it is also convenient to use even from a mobile phone.

Let's say you are blogging. With our administrative panel, you can quickly create an article without using a computer or laptop. I think this is important in the era of mobile phones, when people are used to doing everything here and now: take a selfie and post it on a social network or write a story for Instagram.

If your site has a list of services with prices, you can add a new service or change their cost in a minute. Often for such actions, site owners turn to "programmers", which, you will agree, is not very quick. And speed is usually one of the most important factors in business. Also, you can easily change the phone number if it stopped working for some reason. And if you move - change the address. In this case, you will not incur any additional financial costs.

But if you are still eager to try your hand at creating a website using a constructor, then you can do it using the Timeweb.com service. At least you don't have to pay

The interface of this website builder is intuitive and you can easily create your first website. The big advantage of this service over Tilda is that you will have unlimited disk space. Let me remind you that there is only one gigabyte on Tilda. And the price is one hundred and sixty-nine rubles a month against ten dollars on Tilda.

Well, if you want professionals to take care of your site, then contact us. And we will be happy to develop a professional website for your business.

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